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Let's talk about textiles, baby.

We only use the highest quality Sunproof fabrics to make our outdoor cushions.

The Sunproof fabrics we choose to use are of OUTSTANDING quality and are perfectly suited for Australian outdoor living. 

With decades of experience in the outdoor furniture & accessory making business behind us, we've seen "outdoor fabrics" and we've seen outdoor fabrics. 

We choose Sunproof fabrics because they are truly technical textiles, designed specifically for outdoor use and marine conditions.

These fabrics are rigorously tested and have proven to be all that and a bag of chips* when it comes to quality textiles for outdoor living under the Aussie sun (*yes, this is the technical term).

One of the features we love most about
Sunproof fabrics is that they have an incredibly high rating for colourfastness to light.

This means that our vibrant colours take a looooooooooooooong time to start fading, even slightly, unlike many other "outdoor" cushions on the market. 

To ensure a decent life for an outdoor cushion, lived under the Australian sun, the right fabric is key. Sunproof is that fabric. 

So, what makes the Sunproof fabrics we use so amazingly colourfast and fade resistant? 

It's the way they're dyed. Sunproof fabrics are 100% solution dyed, rather than batch dyed. 

This means that all the beautiful colours in the Love Your Outdoor range are not just surface deep, the colour runs all the way through the fabric. 

In the solution dyeing process, the colour is added to the liquid solution before the fibre is extruded.  This means that the colour is embedded into the whole of the fibre.

Like the kiwi fruit in the image below - in solution dyeing - the colour goes all the way through the fabric threads. 

The common alternative to solution dyeing is batch dyeing.

Batch dyeing only coats the outer layer with the colour. Like the apple in the picture above, the colour only sits on the surface layer of the fabric, not underneath. 

Solution dyed fabrics are by far more colourfast and fade resistant. 

Solution dyed fabrics are also more environmentally friendly to produce and more durable when it comes to cleaning. 

The fact they are solution dyed is just one reason that we love working with Sunproof fabrics to make our outdoor cushions.

In our Love Your Outdoor range of quality outdoor throw cushions, you'll find outdoor cushions that look good and that are made to last. 

Love Your Outdoor throw cushions will deliver you the style, substance and sustainability you're looking for in a quality outdoor cushion.

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