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Is Your Outdoor Space Winter-Ready?

As the weather cools, it's tempting for us to spend more time indoors. 
But in Australia, where our winters are relatively mild, there are a lot of good reasons to consciously choose to continue to spend significant time outdoors.

A growing body of research shows that more time spent outdoors has a host of health benefits, including; reducing stress, calming our minds, strengthening our immunity, improving our short-term memories, maintaining good vision, increasing our attention span...the list goes on. 

In short, more time spent outdoors means increased wellbeing for you and your family.

So, rug up (or not, if you're in Queensland, where winter temps still sit around 20 degrees!) and head off on fun and health-boosting outdoor adventures with family and friends.

At home, you can help encourage year-round use of your outdoor spaces by making them as comfy, cosy and inviting as possible during the cooler months.

Here are our top 3 tips for making your outdoor space super cosy this winter:

1. Check the sun. 
Where is the sun coming from? The angle that the sun rises and sets changes seasonally, so it may be worth wiggling your outdoor furniture around to make sure those lovely warming rays are being taken advantage of. Think about the time of day you are most likely to be using your outdoor space and then note what the sun is doing at that time. Arrange your furniture so that you will enjoy maximum warmth from the sun, while also making sure that people won't be facing too bright a light. Voila! Natural outdoor heating optimised.

2. Add blankets.
Pop a basket filled with soft, snuggly throws and blankets beside your outdoor furniture when hanging with your family or entertaining. This way, they're readily available for guests to reach for if they're feeling cool, but can be easily stored out of the way. 

3. Cosy it up with cushions.
Add a fresh array of quality outdoor cushions to your outdoor lounge, sofa set, dining set, garden bench or daybed. The addition of colour and comfort that a new set of outdoor cushions brings delivers an invitation to sit, back, cosy up and enjoy more time outdoors, at home. Play with sizes, patterns and colour to create a look that makes you smile and invites you outside.

We hope these top tips inspire you to get cosy outdoors this winter and to #loveyouroutdoor spaces at home even more.

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This picnic setup looks picture perfect to us! 

Wishing you a cosy winter!

 The Patterson family xx